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Splash Dayz Waterpark, White Settlement
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Splash of Water

Your Summer Escape

Employment  Opportunities

Splash of Water
Splash of Water

Employment  Opportunities

Want to be a part of the Splash Dayz Family?

Excellent Pay Rates
20 to 40+ Hours a week
Slide Night
End of Season Incentive Check
Flexible Hours
Theme Week Dress up Dayz
Employee Appreciation Parties
And MORE!!!

Head over to the JOBS tab or click below to find out which department fits you best!!!

First Job Fair March 6th, 2024!!! Starting at 4:00pm

Splash of Water


Join the Splash Dayz family TODAY!!






Blue Water Slide

About each Department

Food & Beverage

As the crowds' flock to Splash Dayz to cool off and have fun, our Food and Beverage Employee is there to keep them fueled and hydrated.  With a friendly smile and a quick hand, they expertly serve up icy cold drinks and delicious snacks, ensuring that visitors to the park have everything they need to keep the good times rolling.  Whether they are slinging burgers at the grill or dishing out slushies at the counter, the Food and Beverage Employee is an essential part of the Splash Dayz experience.    You must at least 16 years old to apply or 15 years old to be a part of our Shadow Program!  Cooks must be at least 18 years old!  If you are fast-paced, friendly and good at multi-tasking, then our Food & Beverage Department would love to have you be a part of the Splash Dayz Family!  Come Apply today! 


As the sun beats down on Splash Dayz, the lifeguard sits perched atop their towering chair, surveying the scene below.  With their keen eyes and steady hand, they are the ultimate guardian of the park's aquatic playground.  Ready to spring into action at a moment's notice, they are the first line of defense against any potential danger that may arise.  Whether they are blowing their whistle to enforce the rules or diving into the water to save a struggling swimmer, the lifeguard is the hero of the waterpark.  You must at least 16 years old to apply or 15 years old to be a part of our Shadow Program!   Come Apply today!!  

Front Gate

Front gate employee set the tone for the customers; this department can be the difference between a customer having a bad day compared to a good day!  Front Gate employee's responsibility include being knowledgeable of the water park rules and regulations, greet every customer with a positive attitude, process customer's season passes and run Shelly's Gift Shop.  You must at least 16 years old to apply or 15 years old to be a part of our Shadow Program! If you have a fun, up-beat, positive attitude, the this is the job for you!

Facility Services

While Splash Dayz may be a place of fun and excitement, it's also a place that requires constant upkeep and maintenance. Enter the Facility Service employee, the unsung hero of the park. With their trusty mop and bucket, they tirelessly clean and maintain the park's many attractions and facilities, ensuring that visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. Whether they are scrubbing the decks of the lazy river or sweeping the floors of the changing rooms, Facility Services is a vital part of the Splash Dayz team.  You must at least 16 years old to apply or 15 years old to be a part of our Shadow Program!  If you are someone who is hard-working and efficient, then this is the job for you! Come apply today!

Cash Control

Amid the chaos and excitement of the Splash Dayz, the cash control employee is the steady hand that keeps things running smoothly. With their expert knowledge of the park's financial systems, they ensure that all transactions are handled accurately and efficiently. Whether they are working the main entrance, handling ticket sales, or managing the flow of guests through the park, the cash control employee is an essential part of the Splash Dayz experience.  You must be at least 18 years old to apply and there are no shadow positions available for Cash Control.  If you are good at mathematics, then this is the job for you!

Shadow Program

At 15, many teenagers are just starting to explore the world and figure out who they are.  But for the young worker at Splash Dayz, they've already found their calling.  Whether they are manning the snack counter, taking tickets at the entrance, or patrolling the attractions as a lifeguard-in-training, this ambitious teenager is eager to learn and make a difference.  With their boundless energy and enthusiasm, they are an integral part of the waterpark team and a shining example of what young people can accomplish.  Shadows work no more than 4 hours a day and no more than 20 hours a week.  If you're looking to get a head-start into the work force, our Shadow Program is the perfect fit for you!

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